Saturday 8th July

09:45-10:15     Registration and tea/coffee (provided)

10:15-10:30     Welcome

10:30-12:00     Panel 1: Contemporary performance (UG05)

  • Amy Borsuk, ‘“This is Pretty Radical Shakespeare”: Queerness as Radical in the Arcola Queer Collective’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Gemma Miller, ‘The Future-Killing Queer and the Future-Negating Child: Camping it Up and Destabilizing Boundaries in Richard III, dir. Sam Mendes (RSC, 1992)’
  • Kaye McLelland, ‘Here, Queer, Shakespeare’

12:00-13:00     Lunch (own arrangements, for suggestions see here)

13:00-14:30     Panel 2: Methodologies and speculations (UG05)

  • Kate Chedgzoy, ‘Early modern childhoods: some queer thoughts and questions’
  • Catherine Baker, ‘“The place of penetration”: sublimating and revealing a queer Coriolanus on film’
  • Kate M. Graham, ‘Speculating on the queerness of revenge’

14:30-15:00     Tea/Coffee (provided)

15:00-16:30     Panel 3: Reading queerly (UG05)

  • Marissa Nicosia, ‘Queer Prophecy?’
  • Miranda Fay Thomas, ‘“Her father loved me”: Queering Brabantio’
  • Nailya Shamgunova, ‘Queering early orientalism’

16:30-16:40     Break

16:40-17:40     Panel 4: Texts, contexts and the questions they ask us (UG05)

  • Caroline Watkinson, ‘“All the Rage”: the Politics of Queer in the Performance of Early Modern Drama’
  • Ezra Horbury, ‘“[N]ever such a boy again / As my Bellario”: The Semblance of Boyhood in Philaster